Returning to your yard for regular upkeep and seasonal updates will bring out the best in your garden.


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Our goal with maintenance keep your yard/garden clean, safe, healthy, thriving and beautiful so you can have maximum enjoyment and quality of life.  We aim to prevent problems by identifying them early and addressing them with you– through our work.  We want you to love your outdoor space. Our usual maintenance tasks include: hand weeding, pruning/sculpting trees, shrubs/bushes, plants and flowers, harvesting fruit trees, berries or crops, proper tree/plant staking, vine management, creating/maintaining compost, weed whacking, mowing, hand watering/ rinsing plant leaves, integrated pest management, checking irrigation (providing irrigation recommendations if needed), adjusting water usage, seasonally-appropriate tasks (such as pruning roses in January, deadheading in summer, or raking leaves in fall), suggesting ways of improving the existing landscape, removing debris, sweeping and general clean up. 

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